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Mother-daughter team Rose and Gretchen Heim live in Northern Minnesota about 50 miles from the Canadian border.

“We absolutely love it up here, but we became frustrated with what to wear,” Rose said.

They wanted stylish, functional clothing that would stand up to cold winters and their DIY lifestyle. They couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for, so they decided to create their own clothing line.

Heim-Made started with an insulated down skit called the Minne. This jacket for your behind works great for everything from running and biking to wearing to the office and slipping on after yoga.

They then designed leggings, a down vest, a merino wool base layer, a down scarf and a jacket from 4-way stretch fabric.  

“We set our sights on working toward our very favorite outfit,” Rose said.

Rose and Gretchen added many thoughtful, elegant details to their pieces. The merino wool base layer, for example, features a scoop neck and a drop curve on the front and back. It also has longer sleeves with thumb holes.

“We designed our shirt to be a dress shirt that’s totally workable as a base layer as well,” Rose said.

The Heim-Made down vest has an asymmetrical zipper that starts in the middle by your navel and arcs up to the side of your chin. This has practical applications – no zipper scratching your face – as well as aesthetic ones. The vest also features a hidden front pocket, a high scarf-like collar, and an interior magnet that keeps the fabric nicely positioned.

I’ve been testing both the Heim-Made down vest and insulated Minne skirt for a full year now and in that time they’ve become everyday staples.

Rose and Gretchen’s mission to create stylish yet functional clothes resonates with how I like to dress. I want feminine flair and the ability to transition seamlessly from working at my office to going for a run to picking up my daughter from school. The clothing makes me feel confident and part of the vibrant mountain town community I call home.

The only hang up I’ve experience with Heim-made’s clothing is the fit of the down skirt. I’m a “smedium” with an athletic build from spending the better part of my life running, skiing and mountain biking.

The Minne size small fits my waist fine, but clings too tightly to my thighs. The medium gives my things enough breathing room, but is a little loose on my waist. With a belt, I make the medium work, and to Heim-made’s credit, I’ve encountered this fit problem with many brands, so it’s not an issue unique to them.

In all other respects, from quality to functionality to that emotional “x” factor, Heim-made gets my ringing endorsement.  


Curious to learn more about insulated down skirts? Check out Amy’s quest to find the best insulated skirt (written before she discovered Heim-made; in fact, it was a comment a reader left on that post that lead her to Heim-made).

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Jill Alice

Jill Alice

I have also done the insulated skirt dance – skhoop is fun, but the original didn’t keep me quite warm enough (the down wasn’t available when I was looking, only the poly fill); the mini is really short. I tried Indygena’s but found the fit very awkward, and wasn’t able to take a proper stride. I have lululemon’s hot cheek shorts and skirt, and they’re great for when you’re sitting on cold bleachers or just need that extra bit of warmth around the hips. My favourite is Icebreaker’s Helix skirt; filled with merino wool. It’s warm and lightweight. Previous version – which I have – are a short skirt, however, this year’s version is knee-length and very tempting. I’m also tempted by a second-hand Ruby Jupe in my size currently calling my name. I live in middle Alberta. It’s cold here a lot. Insulated skirts are a salvation.



Stumbled upon this review while searching for a ski skirt. I just received my Heim Made Minne Long skirt. I ordered a small with their guidance, and it seems to fit well—there is a back section of the waist that is elastic, which probably allows for a forgiving fit. I’m 5’5" and 130-135lbs with a straight figure. It’s cute, does not flare out too much, and it’s a good long length. Planning to wear them with leggings and boots for when I take my dog to the big off-lease parks on cold mornings and when on a ski trip. It was only available in black when I ordered, but would probably be great in a few colors like navy or maroon. Overall pleased to support a small business that made a great product available and has responsive customer service!



Got both a M and L in the longer skirt so I could try for size. I am 5’6", weigh about 135, and typically (depending on brand) wear a 10/12. The M was perfect for me! I love it. Well made and stylish. The chevron pattern makes the skirt less chunky than a different pattern would have. Will send a picture if there’s a way to do it. Bring on more cold and more snow. I am ready!



I found Heim-made through your blog. Just ordered a skirt today after email with Rose about size. She is awesome! She’s sending it out tomorrow. I can’t wait to get it and leave another review here. Wish I had it today as it’s 14 with a 25 mph wind today. Running errands was brutal!

Amy Hatch

Amy Hatch


Sorry no offer code … they’re a small company, so not sure how much they can offer in the way of discounts. Thanks for reading!




Thanks so much for the review! Sounds like a great product. Did they happen to share an offer code for your readers, by chance?

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