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This week we’re psyched to team up with ReddyYeti on a super sweet giveaway. ReddyYeti is a platform that helps to give outdoor gear startups a voice (sounds familiar, eh?). While we focus on helping new brands reach customers through our online store and online magazine, ReddyYeti channels its energies toward a podcast paired with giveaways.

The giveaway currently on deck ...

  • A Pair of Semi Custom Skis or Snowboard from Deviation Skis & Snowboard Works
  • 2 Anicca Ortiz Pro Model Backcountry Backpacks

There will be 2 winners who will snag the $1,165 worth of prizes.


  • Semi Custom skis pr snowboard from Deviation
  • Anicca Ortiz Pro Model Backcountry Backpack


  • Anicca Ortiz Pro Model Backcountry Backpack


Use the entry from below to enter the giveaway. Share the giveaway on social media and with your friends to get more entries and up your odds. Engaging with Garage Grown Gear and ReddyYeti on social media will also earn you bonus entries. 

Please note: entering the giveaway signs you up for updates from Garage Grown Gear, ReddyYeti, Deviation and Anicca. All sweeper accounts will be disqualified.


Garage Grown Gear Deviation Skis & Snowboard Works + Anicca Bags Giveaway



Deviation Ski and Snowboard Works is a manufacturer that puts you in control of making your perfect skis or snowboard. Deviation skis and snowboards are made custom, by hand, and with the topsheet graphic of your choice. For the not-so-creative types, Deviation partners with local artists to create your perfect ski or snowboard into a moving work of art. Why have a snowboard or pair of skis that’s just like everyone elses when you can have planks or a board that’s made especially for you?  

Click here to listen to ReddyYeti podcast with Deviation




Anicca bags was sparked when Jeremy Holmstead broke his femur. While going through his recovery, he picked up sewing and was quickly sucked into the world of apparel and gear production. From there he was joined up by long-time friend Mark Ortiz and later Forrest Rodman, creating the like-minded, fun-loving group of friends who make handcrafted customizable bags. Although Anicca is a young company, this industry underdog has been innovating to finetune their products into the unique and reliable bags they produce today!

Click here to read Garage Grown Gear’s review of the Anicca Teton Roll Top backpack

Click here to listen to the ReddyYeti podcast with Anicca



Kelly Nicholson

Kelly Nicholson

All sweeper accounts will be disqualified……what does that mean?

ive been doing sweeps for 40 years..if you want 1st time subscribers.? freaking just say it!…i never saw a contest with a disclaimer like that!

hope i lose!

Steven Cook

Steven Cook

Could you please explain what a Sweeper Account is?



Could you please define exactly what a “sweeper” is? Thanks. (People who don’t enter giveaways are allowed to enter but people who DO enter giveaways are disqualified?)

Bonnie Mitchell

Bonnie Mitchell

Thank you for this Awesome opportunity!!!

Corrina Fields

Corrina Fields

Thank you for this chance and opportunity, this would be a dream come true for me.

Jill Jackson

Jill Jackson

Will not enter because it involves Reddy Yeti and am unsubscribing from your emails.

Jesse Johnson

Jesse Johnson

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this contest! Stoked! ??

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