Gifts for gearheads that relate to Jingle Bells

Hyperlite Mountain GearLiz Onufer

We might have been two beers deep when we came up with this gift guide, and we're not going to promise obvious connections, but here ya go ... gifts for gearheads that relate to Jingle Bells. 

Since it’s impossible to remember the lyrics without singing the whole song all over again (go ahead, try) we’ve broken it down for you…


Dashing through the snow …

Race Direct Northern Lites Snowshoes

Snowshoeing, easy? Only when the flippers are your feet are nimble and light. Discover this 12,000 year old design with Northern Lites Race Direct 21st century technology. Available on Garage Grown Gear. 


In a one horse open sleigh …

Polar Stroller

Skis for strollers and chariots. Mount right to the wheels, the Polar Stroller turns any stroller into an over-the-snow machine. You didn’t even know your stroller needed twin tips. Go ahead – stick it.


O’er the fields we go …

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Windrider 3400 pack

The Hyperlite Mountain Gear Windrider 3400 pack is so light, versatile and comfortable you won't just be traversing fields ... also mountains, rivers and glaciers. Available on Garage Grown Gear. 


Laughing all the way ... 

VSSL Flask

A flashlight designed to hold your booze. Enough said. The VSSL Flask includes collapsible shot glasses and a bottle opener. Available on Garage Grown Gear. 


Bells on bobtail ring …

Timber Bell

Unlike Christmas music, you can shut this one up at any time. Timber Bell is the first mountain bike bell that you can turn on and off. Available on Garage Grown Gear. 


Making spirits bright …

Luminoodle Light Rope 

The dudes from Power Practical dreamed up a rope that would be so bright that even the angels of LED heaven would bow to its luminosity. That light was dubbed the Luminoodle. Available on Garage Grown Gear. 


What fun it is to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight!


Hey, this gift guide managed to work out pretty well! Sometimes those two beer deep ideas still sound good the next morning ... 


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