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Pots and pans are not particularly glamorous pieces of gear. While there are hundreds of different options on the market, in reality, most people are looking for the exact same thing: cookery that is light, durable, functional, and not wildly expensive.

When I started off backpacking and kayaking I used over-sized aluminum pots, and throughout the years I have tried out a number of products including MSR, GSI, Vargo, and Snowpeak. All have done the trick, and some have been pretty great. (I have a particularly deep nostalgic love for my MSR cook kit).

This time last year, I decided to add the Three Piece Titanium Pots by Outpost Titanium to that list. It looked pretty great boxed up in our office, and in preparation for a trip on the Teton Crest Trail, I figured it was a good impulse buy. After a year of solid use, here are my thoughts. 

General Impressions of the Three Piece Titanium Pots:

As the name suggests, the Three Piece Titanium Pots by Outpost are in fact made out of titanium! The pot set itself comes with 3 telescoping pieces (they fit into each other): 2 pots and 1 pan/lid. Each pot/pan comes with foldable handles, and the handles themselves have a thin insulated coating to protect your hands from directly touching hot metal when cooking. The pan/lid fits over both pots nicely.

    • The "large" pot is 1200 ml and weighs 4.41oz,
    • The medium pot is 800ml, and weight 3.53oz
    • The pan/lid is 400ml and weighs 2.47oz  

Outpost Titanium Pot

Pros of the Three Piece Titanium Pots:

Weight: While it's not the absolute lightest pot set on the market, it's pretty darn close. With a total weight of just 10.4oz, it seems to weigh next to nothing, and if you don't need all 3 components, just leave one at home!

I frequently use my three piece set as a two piece set (ditching the 1200ml), but it's nice to have the third piece as an option if you are cooking something more elaborate than boiled water for a dehydrated meal (or are traveling with more than 1 other person). 

Durability: If you are going to spend $85 on a set of pots, you are going to want it to last a LONG time. While I haven't actively attempted to destroy my kit (I just mentioned it was $85...), these pots are sturdy.

If you were seeking to cause them damage you could (you could dent or distort them if you tried), but any real damage would require bad luck (and a large amount of force), or a bunch of determination (and a large amount of stupidity).

While seemingly inconsequential, given the fact that many sets of pots come without insulated handles, the handles on my pots have been almost entirely eaten off by marmots. Sure, they look cute, but those nasty little buggers will eat anything. While nibbling on rubber/silicone doesn't sound particularly appetizing to me, I, fortunately, am not a marmot.

Space: As previously mentioned, all 3 pieces telescope together. This means that when they are hanging out in your pack, they aren't taking up a bunch of space. When stacked together, the pot set is 5in tall with a diameter of 5.5in.

Since the pan/lin stacks on the bottom, it is also very easy to cram things into the pot (avoiding dead space). I've used it for solo trips and trips with my fiance, and with 1-2 people, I've never had a need for a larger kit.

Outpost Titanium Pot Set

Things to note about the Three Piece Titanium Pots:

There are no measurement gradients on the side. While I don't really care (as you can always measure water in your water bottle and then pour it into the pot), this does add one additional step.

When not in use, the handles on the pots are supposed to rest against the pot itself. Over time, they have started to flop around a bit. They hold excellently in place when actually being used as handles, but they dance around bit when not overlapped (see the video for a visual).

The Verdict:

I'm of the impression that the Three Piece Titanium Pots by Outpost are a great balance of ultralight and durability. They do everything you'd want out of a lightweight cooking kit, and I've never experienced an odd taste, any noticeable wear or tear, or a single thing that would make me hesitant about bringing it with me in the backcountry. If you need a cook kit, you can rest assured this will do the trick nicely.

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Three Piece Portable Titanium Pot Set by Outpost Titanium



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