Cool stocking stuffers for guys that you never knew existed

Liz Onufer


This year the gifts in those giant socks are where it’s at. And, with these cool stocking stuffers for guys, you’ll knock those socks right off. From titanium chopsticks and witty water bottles to the ultimate EDC card, these are the gifts you WON'T find at big box stores. 


Conundrum Trail Mix

Gone are the days of picking through your trail mix for the good parts. Conundrum is a trail mix to savor every piece – like the Oregon hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, and dried blueberries with olive oil and brown sugar. You’re going to have to eat this one slowly.



Stoked Stix

The invention of high-quality instant coffee rates really damn high on our list. Stoked Stix is 100% organic and available in medium and dark roast single-serving packets. Because good coffee should never be sacrificed. Available on Garage Grown Gear.


EDC Card

With the EDC Card by CHA/O/HA Designs you can adjust your bike seat, fix a cabinet and open a bottle all in the same day. Constructed of S35VN stainless steel (harder than titanium), it includes a dizzying array of handy tools. Available on Garage Grown Gear.


Give'r River Runner Neck Coozie

Don’t let the name fool you. The Give’r River Runner neck coozie is year-round gear. From the rivers to après ski, going hands free is a four season affair. Available on Garage Grown Gear.  



Catch up, Must (Go) Hard and Relish your ride water bottles

These 22 ounce bottles from Spurcycle remind us to Relish Our Ride, Catch Up, or Must (go) Hard. Sure, they hint at the burger and fries we are headed for after our ride, but who doesn’t want a little extra motivation? The Purist water bottles, with a MoFlo cap, resist stains and taste better … just like that burger. Available on Garage Grown Gear.



We used to carry a heavy inclinometer, now we have the PoleClinometer. This sticker that wraps around your ski pole gives you on-the-go slope angle measurements.  So heavy duty, it will probably outlast your poles. Available on Garage Grown Gear. 


Farm To Feet Socks

From running and riding to skiing and hunting, Farm to Feet socks are a staple. They’re 100% American made and designed to eliminate friction. Available on Garage Grown Gear.



NOSO Puffy Patch

Duct tape patches on your down may show your seniority around a ski town, but there comes a time when you gotta move on up from dirtbag status. NOSO Puffy Patch is taking duct tape to the next level. These cool designs repair your clothes and gear with just a few minutes in the dryer. Available on Garage Grown Gear.


Outpost Titanium Chopsticks

Backcountry, side country, front country, these Outpost Titanium chopsticks will last a lifetime. Weighing in at only 0.2 ounces, you'll never need to leave a little bit of luxury behind. Available on Garage Grown Gear.








Amy Hatch

Amy Hatch


That sounds amazing (and a little frightening) … Googling now ; )


Trish  Indoe

Trish Indoe

When I saw the line about potatoes with questionable roots, I thought you might be talking about a plant that I saw last spring called Ketchup and Fries. It’s a tomato plant grafted onto the roots of a potato and it yields both.

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