Boobypack Review: our scoop on the tank and bra with pockets

BoobypackMorgan Tilton

Boobypack Review Garage Grown Gear

Where should I put my credit card, ID and phone, is no longer a question I ask myself when headed out to a concert on a Saturday night. With Boobypack—a tank top or bra with zippered pockets to hold your stuff — I can have a hands-free, purse-free, fanny pack-free night out on the town.

Founder and New York resident Christina Conrad successfully launched Boobypack (aka a fanny pack for your rack) via Kickstarter in 2013, after more than doubling her $15,000 goal with $32,725 in pledges. Then, she won a $10,000 prize for female entrepreneurship from the Katie Couric show. A year later, in February 2015, Conrad approached the show Shark Tank to seek $80,000. And ... she got it.

We recently tested out the Boobypack Anna Takini. Here’s our scoop ...

Boobypack Review Bra With Pockets Garage Grown Gear

Boobypack Pros:

  • There are TWO pockets for carrying stuff, on both sides of the tank top, AND they are water resistant (no more impromptu ink tattoos left behind from sweat-soaked scrilla).
  • The pockets are spacious but don’t get in the way aesthetically or functionally. Plus, the tiny zippers on the pockets aren’t underarm snaggers, not even a bit.
  • The micro-mesh lining on the tank is a super successful sweat-wicker.
  • Full-length or midriff styles are available (who doesn’t love versatility?) plus a range of color and pattern choices, or neutrals: black, white, nude.
  • Great for wearing to concerts and festivals.


Boobypack Cons

  • Cleavage: Some love it, some love it on others, and some don’t like it at all.
  • Removable pads are a great option—we know ‘em from our bathing suits—but they aren’t supportive for yoga or other athletic pursuits.


I walked into the yoga studio, which occupied the second-and-top story of a nondescript brick building just east of downtown Denver. I was ready to detox and loosen-up the web of knots that had accumulated in my shoulders. Several months had flown by since I’d been to a class, so I anticipated the difficulty (and pools of sweat) that lay ahead.

Regardless, as I sat atop a block on my mat, I felt relaxed, both in the studio and wearing my white full-length Boobypack tank top. The the adjustable straps crisscrossed my back – stylish details that I appreciate. We began to move through dance-like sun salutations raising our hands above our heads, bending over, jumping into Chaturango Dandasana (a plank-like pose). We slowly lowered ourselves to the ground, curled into upward dog, pushed backwards into downward dog then repeated the entire series.

Boobypack Bra With Pockets Review

The room built heat quickly and I noticed the top did really well at wicking away perspiration. As we moved into a standing twist pose, I became very aware—and slightly anxious—about the wide, V-neck holding my chest in place, and whether or not the shelf of my Boobypack was about to unpack.

As we moved deeper into the pose, I glanced down. My breast was on the verge of sharing itself with the whole room. I took a deep breath, and reminded myself that everyone probably had their eyes closed and that if someone happened to witness my undercarriage, at least it would be a yogi who was unlikely to judge me.

The worst didn’t happen, but it did make me think twice about using my Boobypack for athletic pursuits, like yoga, weight lifting at the gym, mountain biking, trail running or jogging. In addition to the fear of popping out, the boobypack doesn’t provide me the support I need (size: 34C). Also, when exercising, I prefer to air on the side of being cleavage-free. That said, what’s classy and what’s sexy is different for every woman, and I can think of a few friends who might have a different take.

Bottomline:The Boobypack is a stylish, attractive, sexy and streamlined tank top or bra with pockets. The concept is a utilitarian, much-needed problem-fixer for concert-goers and festivarians. Would I wear these to a show? Not to the local symphony—but, to Pretty Lights at Red Rocks, definitely.



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