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Roscoe Outdoor Washakie Pant Review

Roscoe Outdoor was born from Hailey DeMarois and Hans Howell’s own need for climbing pants that are rugged enough to handle rock abrasion, but agile enough to allow for toe hooks. They looked high and low for such pants, couldn’t find them, so decided to tackle making the best outdoor pants themselves – the quintessential garage grown story. (Click here to read their story in full).

We’ve long heard our customers sing Roscoe Outdoor’s praises, and with the onset of spring, we decided it was time to experience these marvels firsthand.

But here’s the thing, I’m not really a climber. Sure I have a harness and climbing shoes, and dabbled in it a good bit during college, but haven’t pursued it with much vigor in recent years.

My theory – one that proved most definitely true – was that Roscoe Outdoor pants would be perfect for a wide variety of outdoor pursuits, and even wearing to the office. (OK, we admittedly have a pretty casual dress code, or lack thereof, here at Garage Grown Gear).

I’ve had my Washakie pants, size 6, for a couple of months now, and have used them to: bike, skate ski, downhill ski (well, more accurately, teach my 3-year-old to downhill ski), camp, hike, run errands and, yes, go to the office. They’ve become THAT pant. The one I just want to wear all the time for everything, while exercising and after exercising.

Seriously, when I realized yesterday, that I forgot to include them in a load of laundry, I felt a twinge of sadness about the delay to the next wearing.

Roscoe Outdoor Washakie Pant

Here’s why I like my Roscoe Washakie pants so much:

    • The fabric is surprisingly soft and lightweight, yet the material is built to withstand the elements.


    • The fabric is also quite water resistant; when I spilled coffee while camping, it beaded up on the pants, rather than soaking into them.


    • The reflector in the cuff is brilliant, literally and figuratively. You just roll up the pants a few times, and it reveals a reflector, along with a cinch for pulling the cuffs tight around your calves – perfect for biking, climbing, etc. at night!


    • The knees are reinforced.


    • A belt is included, enclosed in fabric to make it comfortable to wear with a harness or hip belt on a backpack.


    • They come in earthy tones, with a splash of bright color on the zippers, which creates a nice aesthetic.


    • They have plenty of pockets, and even a loop on back to clip a chalk bag.


    • The company stands behind their products 100% with great customer service. See the first constructive con below. (When you buy Roscoe Pants through us here at Garage Grown Gear, we also extend that same level of customer service).


Roscoe Outdoor Washakie Pant Review Garage Grown Gear

Constructive cons:

    • The inseam in the first pair of Washakie pants I had ripped, admittedly while skate skiing in them. When I reached out to Hans about it, he said that is not a common problem, but suggested I try a pair of the curvy pants – brand new this year – and promptly sent me a pair at no additional cost.
      While I don’t consider myself a particularly curvy woman, I definitely have skier thighs. The curvy pair was just the ticket – it fit great around the waist, but gave my legs the room to move more freely in the pants.
      And, in a move that went above and beyond, Roscoe Outdoor also sent me a new, second pair of the regular fit Washakie pants. I now use my curvy fit pants for anything truly active (skate skiing, biking, hiking, etc.) and my regular fit pair for the office, running errands, hanging out on the porch, camping, etc.


    • The pants are a little long for me, and I need to roll up the cuff once or twice. This honestly doesn’t bother me at all, but I do know Roscoe Outdoor is working to better figure out the length. So that may be a change we see next year.


    • The pocket on the side of the leg is not big enough to fit an iPhone 6. I love taking photos, so my phone goes with my most places. Yes, it would fit in the front or back pockets, but that’s not really a comfortable place to have a phone while exercising.


    • The pants are manufactured overseas in Vietnam.


The bottom line (no pun intended): In the same way that I only own one brand of underwear (er, um, Patagonia), it would be my dream to have an entire closet of Roscoe Outdoor pants and shorts.

Bonus tip: because these pants are so versatile, they're awesome for travel. The photo below is from our first customer ever, Annika, sporting her Roscoe Outdoor Washakie pants in France.


Roscoe Outdoor Washakie Pants Travel Pant Review





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