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Maps are an essential aspect of any outdoorsy trip. They are your guide, your safety net, and one of the few things you cannot afford to forget in your car. As backpackers and other outdoor enthusiasts increasingly bring phones with them on the trail (for music/ podcasts/ photography/ ever better cell reception/ social media) it makes sense that maps too make the transition from paper to digital.

This is where BackCountry Navigator comes in. This overview of BackCountry Navigator won't get into the nitty gritty of its owners manual (there are many reviews like this and I will post a few at the bottom), but it will delineate some of the neatest features of this incredibly useful and dynamic app.

If you are already convinced, you can speed on over to Kickstarter and back it. Only 2 days left! This Kickstarter will bring BackCountry Navigator XE to life, adding new features to this already amazing app. Most importantly, this kickstarter will make BackCountry Navigator operational on both Android AND iOS phones and tablets.


3 reasons why we love BackCountry Navigator 


1. There are a TON of maps to choose from. 

Regardless of where you are going, BackCountry Navigator has you covered. Choose between street maps, topographic (topo) maps and aerial photography. Day hiking around a local park? Thru hiking the AT? Traveling internationally? Find the maps, trails, and background information you need on the BackCountry Navigator App. It's ideal for backpackers, kayakers, mountain bikers, skiers, and any person needing a map to get around!


2. Its also a GPS...

Figure out where you are, track your progress, and keep yourself from getting lost. With BackCountry Navigator you can do all of this without cell coverage! Set waypoints at interesting features, stopping points, major landmarks, or your personal favorites. Follow trails you set, and share these trips with others! Injured and need help? Direct rescue personale to your EXACT location by giving them your GPS coordinates. 

3. It's convenient, affordable, and growing.

Most people already have a phone (at this point its impressive if you don't) and many people bring it along with them during their outdoor adventures. With BackCountry Navigator there is no need to bring a separate (and often VERY expensive) GPS device along, and while BackCountry Navigator does use your phone's battery (duh...), there are easy ways to mitigate its drainage.

The app itself comes at a variety of yearly plans/rates, and can be purchased for as low as $10 a year! Nathan (the founder of BackCountry Navigator) is also constantly working to improve the app. He does an excellent job of customer service as well!


Want to learn more?


Back on Kickstarter! 


Video on how to prep for a trip with BCN 
FAQs + tricks and tips on BCN's website

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