7 cool pieces of gear to help you keep your New Year's resolution

FlowfoldKelsey Dayton
New Years Resolutions

It’s been just about three weeks since you set your eyes on a new PR, vowed to eat better and declared this was the year you were going to learn or try something totally new.

How’s that going?

Whether you are crushing your new year’s resolutions, or already floundering, Garage Grown Gear is here to provide you with the gear that will ensure you run your fastest race yet, start eating breakfast and learn to skateboard – yes, skateboard – in 2016

Here are seven pieces of gear you can buy in our store to help you reach whatever wildly cool resolution you’ve made.


Set a new personal race record.

Northern Lites Snowshoes 

You can’t get faster if you don’t run. Don’t suffer through workouts on the treadmill and don’t put off your training until spring. Instead use our USA made Northern Lites Race snowshoes to keep running all winter.



Eat breakfast.

Munk Pack Healthy Snack On The Go Smoothie


Tell a friend you want to eat better and one of the first things he or she will likely ask is whether you eat breakfast. It’s so easy to skip what is known as the “most important meal of the day.” Yes, mornings can be chaotic, but with Munk Pack you have no zero excuses. In a grab-and-go pouch – popular for children’s snacks because they are so portable – you can squeeze out a decidedly adult and delicious breakfast of apple, quinoa and cinnamon, or blueberry, acai and flax.


Get organized.

Flowfold Wallet

Are you so disorganized you feel overwhelmed at the thought of even starting to get organized? Start small. Start with your wallet. Flowfold wallets are made of carbon fiber and Kevlar and remain sleek, while offering you an easy way to keep your money, passport, credit cards and coffee cards easy to find and easy to access. Choose from several different designs depending on what you want to carry and how many pockets you like.



Ride your bike to work.

Po Campo Bike Gear Bags

You know bike commuting is good for your health and the environment, but what about those days when you need to haul a computer, files, lunch and other miscellaneous items to the office? And, then head into a meeting with a bag that doesn’t look completely out of place? Po Campo’s bike bags are stylish enough to double as a purse, durable enough to carry whatever you need for a full day at the office (and hopefully a little bit of time outside) and so cute you’ll eagerly await Monday morning when you can hop on your bike and pedal merrily on your way. Ok, they aren’t miracle workers, but they are dang adorable.


Take better care of yourself.

Ski Balm

 You run. You ski. You hike. You eat your vegetables. But your healthy glow is more like a painful wind burn or a peeling sunburn. We don’t expect you to lose any time in the mountains to a new beauty routine. All we want is for you to slather on some Ski Balm in the morning before you hit the slopes. You’ll keep a healthy glow without the wind burnt cheeks that let your boss know you maybe weren’t sick on the couch, but likely taking powder turns.



Do more. See more.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Windrider Pack

Lightweight backpacking gear allows you to cover more ground in shorter amounts of time. Being a weekend warrior is no longer an excuse for not getting to those backcountry lakes and peaks, if you carry Hyperlite Mountain Gear. Start with a pack and then fill it (and your gear closet) with other ultralight equipment. We offer everything from shelters to stoves.



Try something new.

Bureo Skateboards

Ok, so maybe you meant learn to play the cello when you made this resolution, but we’ve got something a little more active for you to try ... skateboarding. The Minnow Cruiser Skateboard by Bureo is built with recycled fishing nets collected from Chilean fishermen as part of the company’s Net Positiva initiative. You can feel good about buying this skateboard, and the workout you won’t even notice you are getting, as you learn to maneuver your neighborhood streets.



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