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With the Fourth of July coming up, it’s got me thinking that one of the best ways to celebrate our great country is to shop American made, both when it comes to outdoor gear and in all of our other everyday purchases.

There are a handful of great online resources out there helping us to decipher what’s made here in America, and I want to share with them with you all.


USA Love List

USA Love List

Whether you’re looking for fans to stay cool this summer or planning an eco-friendly wedding, USA Love List has you covered.

The site has a straight up alphabetized list of every company out there with at least a product or two that’s USA made. It also breaks the list down by state so you can truly shop local. And it has hundreds of well-written articles, broken down by category, so you can zero in on American made goods for, say, your pets or household.


Old Glory MTB

Old Glory MTBOld Glory MTB has also created a couple of exhaustive USA made lists worthy of recognition. The first features
mountain bike frames and the second covers mountain bike parts. It also has in-depth coverage of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show and solid gear reviews.


Made in America Store

Made In America Store

The Made in America Store was built from the ashes of Mark Andol's own painful experience of losing his business to overseas competition. Mark owned a welding and fabricating business in Elma, New York that at its height employed 60 people. When two multi-million dollar accounts dropped him the same weekend in favor of overseas labor, Mark hatched the idea of a store that sold only made in America products, right down to the packaging.

The Made in America store just celebrated its five year anniversary, and it holds the distinction of having a brick and mortar storefront in addition to its e-commerce operations. On its website it says it’s the only general merchandise store in the country that sells 100% American Made Products. Offerings include everything from groceries to tools to school supplies.


The Grommet

The Grommet

I’ve long been a fan (or more truthfully, a wannabe) of The Grommet. The site does an excellent job of finding and curating products created by real people, and telling their stories through short videos. It’s a great place to find unique gifts.

While it doesn’t sell exclusively USA made, it gives kudos to products made here with an American flag symbol in the product description. It also has created a collection of all of its USA made products that numbers 270 items.




The only site I’m more in love with than The Grommet is Huckberry. I idolize this company (and have told the founder as much directly). If an online store had groupies, I’d be the first to sign up. Yes, yes, I know it’s a site geared toward men, but that’s what makes it even more remarkable. On a personal level, I’m not all that interested in the products it sells, and yet I follow its every move religiously. Why? Because the people who make the place tick are incredible storytellers. The newsletters always entertain me and the site is a pleasure to browse through.

Before this turns into a full-on love rant on par with a cheesy romance film, let me get to the point. Huckberry puts great emphasis on – and has a page dedicated to – cool men’s gadgets, clothes and gifts made in the USA.

Yours Truly - Garage Grown Gear

Garage Grown Gear Shop USA Made

Here at Garage Grown Gear, we’re constantly on the search for outdoor equipment and clothing made in the USA. And along the way we’ve found some true gems. (Click here to see our staff picks for our favorite American made outdoor gear).

We’re in awe of the hoops our partnering companies have jumped through to keep manufacturing local – on top of the already difficult task of creating truly innovative and dependable products. Here’s the link to our collection with all of the USA made products sold through our store.


What other great resources are out there to shop American made products? Leave us a comment below.

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