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UL Lightweight Hammock Kammock Roo Review Backpacking Hiking Camping

I am not usually the type of person to carry a hammock into the backcountry. In the past, I have looked at hammocks as an unnecessary weight addition to my pack, as I aim to be as lightweight as possible.

However, the Roo Single UL by Kammok is changing my mind. At 5.6 ounces combined with the Python 10 UL Straps at a meager 3.2 ounces, this hammock and strap combination weighs in at only 8.8 ounces. That's less weight than many down jackets, sleeping pads and empty packs. So, I now find myself asking, why not take this level of comfort on a weekend trip? 

What I Like About the Roo Single UL Hammock:

UL Lightweight Hammock Kammock Roo Review Backpacking Hiking Camping

Hammock Material Holds Up - The 20 denier ripstop nylon can feel a little scary when you are first getting into the hammock. However, after many hours of relaxing beneath the trees, not once has the material shown signs of stretching or ripping. 


The Toggle and Loop System is Awesome - One of the innovations that I am a fan of with the Roo Single UL is the ultralight toggle and loop system used to attach the hammock to the straps. These toggles are very lightweight and work well, saving those precious ounces on the overall weight without sacrificing any of the strength and security of a carabiner. At first I was a little leery, as the toggles don't look like much when you first use them. But throughout all my time using the hammock, the toggles have held up wonderfully, and they are set up well to give maximum strength and support despite their lightweight nature.

UL Lightweight Hammock Kammock Roo Review Backpacking Hiking Camping

Quick Setup and Takedown - The ability to set up and take down the hammock in under a minute is much appreciated (assuming you are lucky enough to find the perfect two trees). Being able to roll into camp and have your shoes off and feet up in minutes is always a win.


Super Relaxing - The best time to use the hammock in my opinion is during lunch breaks on your trip and hanging around camp when the hiking for the day is done. 

UL Lightweight Hammock Kammock Roo Review Backpacking Hiking Camping

What I Didn’t Love: 

Wear and Tear on the Python 10 UL Straps -  After using the hammock in the woods of the Pacific Northwest for a few weeks, I did notice a few strands of thread on the Python 10 UL Straps coming undone in high-use areas. 


Maneuvering While in the Hammock Can be a Bit of a Task -  Because the material is slippery, I did find it difficult to get into my preferred position. To be fair, hammocks are a bit tricky in that regard, whether or not it's Kammok. As they say, practice makes perfect (or at least a bit easier).

UL Lightweight Hammock Kammock Roo Review Backpacking Hiking Camping


A Snug Fit - Being a single hammock, it isn't the most spacious. However, for a solo hiker who wants to enjoy a nice break off the ground, I can't imagine many better options. Sleeping in the hammock lengthwise is possible, but it will be a snug fit.  

The Verdict: 

UL Lightweight Hammock Kammock Roo Review Backpacking Hiking Camping

Overall, I very much enjoyed using the Kammok Roo Single UL Hammock and Python 10 UL Straps on my recent hiking and camping trips. Small, compact, lightweight and easy-to-use features make this a must have for weekend warrior trips. Hanging out off the ground while gently swaying in the wind is quite a pleasant experience. Do yourself a favor and pick one up for your next trip!


UL Lightweight Hammock Kammock Roo Review
Roo Single UL Hammock by Kammok



UL Lightweight Hammock Kammock Roo Review
Python 10 UL Hammock Straps by Kammok



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Kim Kremer

Kim Kremer

I have the Mantis UL. Like all UL hammocks, it’s more prone to failure than a standard hammock. After a half-down uses, mine tore at around midnight, depositing my rear end on the ground. Fortunately, Kammok’s pretty cool about replacing failed hammocks, but it’s critical that one follow the “rules” or you’ll likely void the warranty. (Don’t allow any sharp or hard edges to come into contact with the hammock, make sure there’s no brush rubbing up against it, keep your shoes out of it, et cetera; also, hang the thing so you’re not very far off the ground.)

I really love the Mantis UL, but if it fails again I’m likely to take the weight penalty and replace it with a standard Mantis.

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