Top 12 portable beer caddies, wine glasses and beverage accessories

Heading out to a neighborhood party or keeping your drink handy in the outdoors can be made even easier with the right accessory for the job. Luckily, there are a slew of grassroots companies that want to save you from breaking a bottle in the backcountry, or fumbling your beer on the way to your friend’s house. Because seriously, that would be a major party fowl.  

1. Fyxation

Fyxation portable beer caddies Garage Grown Gear Started by two brothers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Fyxation manufactures urban bicycle parts and accessories. And their leather, portable beer caddies are the perfect choice for getting that six-pack or bottle of wine to your destination in one piece. Not only are these caddies durable and stylish, but they hold onto your drinks tightly, so there’s no clanking around as you pedal home from the liquor store.  

2. Give’r

Give'r portable beer caddies Garage Grown Gear Leave it to the savvy minds behind Give’r to develop the ultimate coozie that enables you to “give it your all.” The ultimate hands-free accessory, The Give’r River Runner is perfect for fishing and music festivals. Best of all, it's made with neoprene, so the cold one...well, stays cold.    

3. GSI Outdoors

GSI Outdoors portable beer caddies Garage Grown Gear GSI Outdoors is a family held company out of Spokane, Washington, that was first started to create enamelware and campfire accessories. GSI Outdoors now makes a variety of handy tools for the backcountry. One of our favorites is their soft-sided wine carafe, which is essentially a corked bladder for your favorite vintage of choice. Ditch the pesky glass bottle, and transport your vino to the backcountry with ease.  

4. Portland Growler Company

Portland Growler Company portable beer caddies Garage Grown Gear Started in 2010, the Portland Growler Company creates handmade ceramic growlers that are attractive, unique jugs. With a handle that can clip easily to a carabiner, it's simple to attach one of these jugs to the outside of a pack or safely stow it inside. Plus, the ceramic will naturally insulate your beverage and block out harmful light.  

5. Vargo Outdoors

Vargo Outdoors portable beer caddies Garage Grown Gear A trip along an Appalachian trail led company founder Brian Vargo to begin considering ways to make his backpack a little lighter. Brian saw the need for lightweight titanium products, and got started in manufacturing. One of the many products Vargo Outdoors developed is the Titanium Funnel Flask. With a silicone funnel that makes it easy for filling, this flask is a great choice for keeping the liquor tidy and your pack as light as possible. And, it’s completely biocompatible.  

6. Pat’s Backcountry Beverages

PaleRail We’ve featured them here on Garage Grown Gear before, but we couldn’t resist talking about them again, since Pat’s Backcountry Beverages brings beer to the campsite in such a new, innovative way. Using a carbonating system and brew concentrates, you can have beer in the backcountry, no glass bottles or cans required. Sometimes videos are worth 1,000 pictures. Check out how it's done.  

7. Meriwether of Montana

Meriwether of Montana portable beer caddies Garage Grown Gear Located in the scenic town of Whitefish, Montana, this diverse company is run by owners Danny and Barb, as an extension of what first began as a few side projects. Along with the numerous accessories for the outdoors and the home, they make a functional, aesthetic leather growler carrier for your bike. Fastening to the underside of your bike seat, that precious growler can now be cradled safely as you get from here to there.  

8. Goverre

Goverre portable beer caddies Garage Grown Gear Goverre owners Regan and Shannon sought an outlet for their obsession with all things wine. Last Spring, they introduced a spill-proof portable wine glass on Kickstarter. It was met with tremendous enthusiasm. They raised $63,000, almost $20,000 above their $45,000 goal. Goverre is a stemless wine glass that comes with a silicone lid and grippy sleeve. They are perfect for camping and come in a variety of bright colors. (Note: For more Kickstarter inspiration, check out Top 10 List of Outdoor Companies Launched by Kickstarter)  

9. Vapur

vapur-afterhours-flask-props The Vapor Incognito Flexible Flask is just what the name implies. A low-profile pouch to hold your liquor, you can imbibe without drawing attention to yourself. Plus, the durable material of the flask will keep you from having to worry about broken glass in your pack. It comes with a twist top and a dispenser nozzle for easy pouring, and it's BPA free.  

10. Drink Tanks

DrinkTanks portable beer caddies Garage Grown Gear Started from a company creating reusable water bottles, Drink Tanks owner Nicholas Hill and his father wanted to create the perfect growler for the backcountry. After extensive research and development, they developed a double-wall, vacuum-insulated, stainless steel growler that will keep your beer as safe as if it were kept in a vault. It actually keeps your beer cold for a full 24 hours after refrigeration, as well as being practically indestructible.  

11. Walnut Studios

6packFC-ErinBerzelPhotography-4011_grande What if you just want to to carry your beer in its cardboard container, and be able to attach it to your bike? Any old strap won’t do, which is where Walnut Studios’ Frame Cinch comes in. Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, this leather cinch for your six pack will keep it steady while you cruise the streets. The Frame Cinch is also handy for strapping other stuff to your bike--Walnut Studios recommends using it for croquet mallets and fishing rods, along with sudsy drinks.  

12. Liquid Hardware

thumbnail_1024x1024 For a simplistic approach to your cocktail, or any beverage for that matter, Liquid Hardware has created this simple, albeit incredibly useful, stainless steel cup. As far as we can tell it's indestructible, holds 14 ounces of whatever you plan on drinking, and washes out in a cinch. We love these little guys for backpacking, but also for easy everyday use. Sometimes the best approach is the simplest one, and this stainless steel cup fits the bill.
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