Top 10 USA made outdoor clothing brands with style

Here at Garage Grown Gear we spend a lot of time searching for high-quality USA Made outdoor clothing (along with our search for high-quality USA made outdoor equipment, nutrition, accessories, etc.) In an industry largely dominated by outsourcing to overseas factories, it’s always refreshing to find companies manufacturing here at home. And it’s even better when these companies are doing it with flare, style and personality. In the words of Red Ants Pants, one of our Top 10 companies listed in this post, “Heck yeah America, let’s bring it back.” We originally put together this Top 10 list as a guest post. We’ll give you a little teaser here, then be sure to head on over to Just a Colorado Gal to finish the read. What’s your favorite yet-to-be discovered USA Made outdoor clothing brand? (Maybe you know of a company we have yet to stumble across!)


Shredly - USA made outdoor clothing (1) “Mountain biking is awesome, but the selection of riding apparel for women is not. It has a terrible case of the B’s – black, boring, baggy, and to be honest, still looks like it’s made for the boys. Women are rad and there’s no reason why they can’t look good and feel good when they’re tearing up the single track.” Amen to that, Shredly. The company makes shorts and jerseys in vibrant colors and jazzy designs – best described as mountain biking meets modern art. All clothes are USA Made and designed for multi-sport. Now you can mountain bike in the morning and don the same styles while cruisin’ around on the SUP in the afternoon.   To discover the other 9 USA made outdoor clothing companies, head on over to our guest post on Just a Colorado Gal. 
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