Pro photos on your phone: Moment lens smartphone camera attachments work

Moment Lens smartphone camera attachments Garage Grown Gear_1 As all good photographers know, great pictures start with the lenses, and great lenses start with the glass. And as you’d expect from a company started by photographers, the lens glass used in Moment smartphone camera attachments is exceptional. It’s multi-element, five-layered and designed to allow the maximum amount of light in while minimizing distortion. The basic translation: clearer and better photos from your phone. Every new phone that comes out has a better camera than the last. But no matter how good they get, they still don’t offer the same creativity of larger cameras with interchangeable lenses, said Marc Barros, a founder of Moment lenses. Moment changes that. Moment lenses come in a wide angle and a telephoto version, and were developed by a team of four people last year using funding provided by a Kickstarter project. The team was made of photography enthusiasts, who are also designers and engineers, and people who know the camera business. Moment Lens smartphone camera attachments Garage Grown Gear_2 The group wanted to find a way to expand their phones’ camera capabilities and thought that there had to be a way to build a high-quality and portable lens that captured sharp images. Marc co-founded Contour Cameras about 10 years ago in his garage and some of the team worked there. Michael Thomas, another Momentum team member, co-founded Hyperion Development, a custom lens developer. Everyone could be pulling in bigger salaries on different projects, but they all believed they could create something better than what was already available, Barros said. The lenses, which each cost $99.99, allow for intimate pictures without using the camera’s digital zoom, which can often pixelate a shot. With a Moment lens, there’s no pincushion distortion, Marc said. Moment Lens smartphone camera attachments Garage Grown Gear_3 The challenge for the team was putting a camera lens on top of an existing lens, without having access to the hardware of the phone. They also wanted to make sure they didn’t lose the portability and convenience camera phones offer. They wanted the lenses to be small, easy to attach and remove, and fit as many cameras and cases as possible. Moment offers lenses for iPhone and Android phones, and mounts that fit most cases.  The lens also works on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. They are designed to be clean and minimal and fit proportionally to the phone. The attachment clicks on easily so that people can add the lens quickly, in order to capture a fleeting moment. A small cloth lens holster can attach to a belt or strap, or be stored in a bag. The two lenses on the market now are the just the start. Barros said Momentum isn’t yet a company, just a product, but that could change. While Barros wasn’t ready to give away specifics, at least one additional lens is already in the works. Moment Lens smartphone camera attachments Garage Grown Gear_4 Photos courtesy of Bradley Castaneda  
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