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OG Sack Environmentally Friendly Backpacks - GarageGrownGear.comCarrying groceries can be messy: broken eggs, spilled milk, exploded yogurt. OG Sack sprouted from a desire to create environmentally friendly backpacks that are ideal for food stops, or spills. OG Sack co-founder Doug Davis first conceived the design when using his backpack to haul groceries home. His early vision was a grocery bag in the form of a backpack with a removable liner. That initial idea evolved into a multi-purpose bag that has three types of removable-washable liners, and comes with a dynamic strap system that allows the user to wear it tote style, messenger style or backpack style. The three choices for removable liners include: a sports liner with two shoe-sized pockets, a cooler liner, and a laptop-padded liner. On the front, cinch straps hold down a yoga mat—or a wine bottle—while in transit. OG Sack Environmentally Friendly Backpacks (3).jpgOG Sack Environmentally Friendly Backpacks.jpgOG Sack debuted in 2011 after clearing some substantial hurdles, including pinning down a designer, materials and a local manufacturer who agreed to produce a smaller volume of packs. All OG Sack production continues to take place in Colorado. As makers of environmentally friendly backpacks, the name OG signifies Original Green. The company’s green philosophy surfaces through its one-bag-for-everything design. “Our main goal is to have people using less paper and plastic bags, and that’s a big reason why we got into this,” Doug said. “We want it to be so that people reuse reusable bags, and that a nice bonus is to plant a tree.” OG Sack Environmentally Friendly Backpacks - GarageGrownGear.com (2)OG Sack is partnered with the nonprofit organization Platabillion.org. For each bag sold one tree is planted in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil, which is considered to be one of the world’s most endangered tropical forests. Next in line, OG Sack plans to partner up with Colorado organizations to aid local forest issues, especially surrounding forest fires. Like the all-around-town bag itself, the folks behind OG Sack are jacks of all trades. Each of the four people who have partnered together to run the company have a full time job outside of the brand—Doug works as an SEO consultant. “I wanted to create a cool product and fun brand and do something that gives back,” Doug said. “Then you realize there’s a lot more to it.” Doug’s advice for fellow entrepreneurs? “Be nimble, do a lot of trial and error, and stay positive before scaling up so aggressively on an order.” What do you look for in environmentally friendly backpacks, clothing or other products? What is the most important way you go "green"?  
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